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The treatment of cases of persistent menstrual pain which is present without inflammation or displacement consists of mental hygiene, good general hygiene and special exercises. All treatment should begin with a complete medical examination. The establishment of a satisfactory attitude regarding the menstrual function is not too difficult to accomplish. The point in general hygiene that should be recognized is the importance of regular hours of sleep and rest, and of well-balanced meals eaten under hygienic conditions. Exercise should be taken daily with the idea of increasing muscle tone, strength, and endurance. Baths should not be extremely hot, but from warm to as cold as they can be well tolerated. It has been found that leucorrheal discharge is increased by fatigue, lack of muscle tone, hot baths, and poor hygiene in general, but is reduced by good muscle tone and cold baths.
Exercises for Dysmenorrhea:
I. Mosher

  1. Lie on back with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Place one hand on the lower abdomen.
  2. Pull in on the abdominal muscles so that they become contracted and hard.
  3. Relax the abdominal muscles so that the hand is pushed upward. Repeat ten times morning and evening.

(Note: If you can do this while you talk or sing, you are doing it correctly. If it is necessary to take a deep breath each time, it is being done incorrectly.)
II. Knee-Chest

  1. Kneel on the knees with the thighs at right angles to the floor, with the head laid sideways upon the hands on the floor, and with the chest as near the floor as possible. Try to keep the back in a straight line. Hold this position, increasing the length of time at each repetition until you can maintain it for ten minutes.
  2. From this knee-chest position, stretch alternate leg upward, so that there is a straight line from shoulder to heel.
  3. From the knee-chest position, extend arms, sitting back on heels.

III. The "Stretch Up"
Sitting with hands on hips, stretch tall by pushing up at the waist and at the same time pushing down on the hips with the hands. Try to make yourself very thin at the waist.
(Note: Watch yourself in a mirror to see that your shoulders remain perfectly still as you stretch. Practice this also as you stand.)