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Sometimes due to contracted pelvis and other diseases it is not possible for the child to come out through vagina then child has to be brought out by doing operation through an abdominal incision. Julius Caesar was born like this only after caesarian section.
How much time after delivery is needed by organs to return to their normal condition?
During pregnancy reproductive organs undergo vast changes. Cervix, vagina and the vulva are Stretched and distended to accomodate the passage of the child. With in 6 to 8 weeks after a normal delivery the reproductive organs come to their normal shape.
How long a lady should take rest after delivery?
Hard working peasant ladies return to their work even after 2-3 days of delivery while sophisticated lady may take minimum 1 to 2 weeks depending upon her general physical condition and of organs returning to normal. Anaemic ladies may take a little long time otherwise healthy lady is permitted to sit on chair within 24 hours even.