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Exercise. The best advice which can be offered in regard to exercise at the menstrual period is in general the following. The majority of women seem to endure exercise well, especially if trained to it. On the whole, this group feel better when suitable exercise has been taken. There is a smaller group in whom exercise increases the flow and brings on pain. The individual must decide as a result of experience to which group she belongs and act accordingly. Only one word of caution needs to be indicated. One should recall the physiology of the period and the anatomical structure of the organs, and realize that at least in the average case the uterus is most engorged and heavy during the first two days of the period, so that it is probable that the most strenuous types of sport might best be avoided on these days.
Bathing during the Period. Daily baths and more frequent local washings are desirable during the period. Since the body temperature should be kept as even as possible, baths of a temperature slightly higher than that of the body should be taken in a warm bathroom. These precautions are necessary to avoid abrupt changes in the circulation which may induce changes in the flow and bring on abdominal cramps.
Douching during menstruation is not desirable. This was formerly thought by many persons to be necessary for good hygiene, but the practice is to be discouraged. With the normal drainage from the vagina, there is no need for douching.